A Study of Gothic Subculture

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Updated 3-12-2009
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Salt Lake Tribune
April 30, 1997

Misinformed About Goths

I've never read a more hideously misinforming article on the Gothic subculture. Even though I don't know what Goths in Salt Lake City are like, Goths around the country are not like the two boys mentioned in your article. Just because two teens are completely out of their minds doesn't mean every last living Goth is like that. We do not have a "romance for death"; we simply find it intriguing. We don't worship Satan or sacrifice puppies. We are not cold-hearted monsters either. The "definition" of Goth used in this article (no Goth would stoop to use CPR...) is complete lunacy. That definition is a joke. How hard is it to understand sarcasm? Goths don't love death and don't leave people to die. The two boys in this particular crime more than likely were Marilyn Manson followers (who, by the way, are not Goth) and not Goths. It can also partially be the parents' fault in this case. What kind of decent parents let their teen-age kid stay out all night without at least requiring a check-in phone call? Especially if the child is a diabetic. The parents here are only looking for a scapegoat. You can't blame an entire subculture for the actions of a few screwed-up, teen-age drug addicts who think Marilyn Manson is God. Leave Goth alone until you know what you're talking about.

Amanda Wulff, Eau Claire WI