A Study of Gothic Subculture

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Updated 3-12-2009
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Extent of Use

Sample of the Extent of Drug Use

Last updated Oct 9, 1997

Since several people I interviewed expressed that they didn't want the information on their extent of drug use included in their profile, I decided to include in anonymously. I did not want to compromise the accuracy of the kind of drug use one may find among those in the scene. Keep in mind that this group is not going to be anaccurate statistical representation of the whole, it is merely a sample from the people I chose to profile, including myself. Note: Some people have tried a drug and stopped doing it. Some continued. The most notable of drugs still frequently used are listed first.

Have never done any drugs, alcohol or tobacco at all: 5/20 - 25%

  • When I asked what kept them from trying anything, their responses ranged from the sadness of seeing friends deteriorate because of drugs and never wanting to try it, to not wanting to lose control mentally or physically, to strong religious values.

Alcohol: 15/20 - 75%

The extent:

  • "once a month, tops"
  • "very infrequently"
  • "My drug of choice for the last three years has been Vodka and red wine"
  • "occasionally, once or twice a week"
  • "social drinker, twice a month"
  • "once every three weeks"
  • "three nights a week"
  • "used to get drunk every weekend on Everclear for two months"
  • "social drinker, once a month average"
  • "about twice a month"
  • "every weekend"
  • "sparingly"
  • "about once a weekend, never during the weekdays."
  • "I drink every weekend, probably excessively, I get drunk when I drink."
  • "I drink about once a week. When I drink, I drink a lot. Give me vodka, illegal drugs are stupid."

Tobacco: 12/20 - 60%

The extent:

  • Responses range from smoking a pack a day to smoking up to five cigarettes a day and everywhere in between.
  • "I smoked for two years and then quit because of health problems."
  • "I am currently quitting."
  • "I smoke only cloves, about three to five a day."
  • "I smoke half a pack of cloves per day."

LSD: 13/20 - 65%

The extent:

  • "I've fried 3 times."
  • "done acid three times"
  • "used to do acid lots when I was in ninth grade, once a week for four months"
  • "every 10 years"
  • "about 20 times"
  • "many times"
  • "used to do LSD once a week for three months"
  • "every 9 to 12 months"
  • "I have done acid four times in my life, each a year apart on average."
  • "have experimented with acid"
  • "have tried it"
  • "I have experimented with acid."
  • "I have done acid once and I didn't like it."

Marijuana: 9/20 - 45%

The extent:

  • "I used to smoke pot in junior high to fit in with skater and hippie friends, haven't done it since."
  • "used to use it, but not often"
  • "used to do it almost every day for half a year"
  • "I have used marijuana under ten times, but I don't ever smoke pot anymore because I don't care for it."
  • "have smoked pot four times ever"
  • "used to do it"
  • "every 9 to 12 months"
  • "I have tried it but it did nothing for me."
  • "I've smoked pot two or three times in my life, I didn't like it. I can see the value of marijuana for medical purposes, but not just because you are bored on a Friday night."

Crystal Meth: 4/20 - 20%

The extent:

  • "once"
  • "used to do it a lot but stopped"
  • "have tried it"
  • "I do meth, but I haven't had any for two or three months because it hasn't really crossed my path."

Misc. hallucinogens, amphetamines, and depressants (shrooms, coke, speed etc.): 4/20 - 15%

The extent:

  • "I have fully experimented with drugs -- crystal meth, coke, crank, shrooms, xstacy, Special K, opium, codeine. I wanted to experience everything in life, try everything once. I find them to be a waste of time, money and creativity."
  • "I've tried many various drugs like speed and some hallucinogenic drugs when they were available, but I didn't see the point in them. I still do some drugs occasionally."
  • "I tried shrooms and acid for the hell of it when I was young and stupid and screwing around. I would still use certain hallucinogens if the opportunity arises, but it's been about three or four years since I have. It's not a priority. It's not worth the effort and expense."
  • "I used to do four lines of speed a day for 1 - 1 1/2 years. I've been cutting down on speed, I only do it about once every other month. Lately I have a preference towards downers like valium, codeine and Tylenol."