A Study of Gothic Subculture

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Updated 3-12-2009
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Goths in the News

Articles are listed in the order of the date they were published. Editorials are marked as such. Most of the articles listed below are from Salt Lake City area newspapers. Click on underlined links in the article to get to definitions, further explanations, or other related pages.

[Article commentary is included in red.]

Nov 94 Alternative Press Undead Undead Undead
12/22/94 The Event Conversation with a Literate Vampire Named Dredd
11/10/94 USA Today Hip Children of the Dark
03/29/97 Salt Lake Tribune Diabetic Neglected, Dies at 'Goth' Party
04/06/97 Deseret News 'Goths' Say Culture Isn't to Blame in Death
04/06/97 Deseret News West Valley Teen Sought Acceptance, Mom Says
04/10/97 The Valley Eagle Dark, 'Gothic' Movement, Sinister or Harmless Phase?
04/11/97 Salt Lake Tribune For Goths, 'Every Day Is Halloween'
04/11/97 Salt Lake Tribune Teens Playing With Dark Side May Be OK, But Monitor Them
04/16/97 Deseret News EDITORIAL 'Goths' a Growing Problem
04/30/97 Salt Lake Tribune EDITORIAL Misinformed About Goths
05/18/97 Salt Lake Tribune EDITORIAL Put Away Broad Brush
05/21/97 Today Newspaper Gothic Teen Engaged in Satanic Rituals to 'Fit In'
09/28/97 Deseret News Library Opts Not to Pull 'Pornographic' CDs
10/08/97 Salt Lake Tribune Goths Go on Trial for Friend's Death
10/18/97 Salt Lake Tribune Goth Party Sentencing