A Study of Gothic Subculture

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Updated 3-12-2009
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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BIG PICTURE. I took this picture of Jeri at McCullough's.

City of Residence: Seattle, WA (formerly Salt Lake City, UT)

Age: 27

Length of time in the scene: "13-14 years? Who knows!"

Occupation: ?

Education: "High school, some college, lots of music training."

Musical taste: "Current 93, Death in June, Dead Can Dance, Psychic TV, Tchaikovsky, Holst, any heavy classical from Eastern European or Russian composers."

Distinctions in appearance: "Thirteen piercings (three in my nose), two tattoos (one tribal band and one magick symbol), long black hair, no eyebrows, lots of black of course. I like to wear blue and purple sometimes. I can usually adapt to any 'style' if I have to."

Hobbies, activities, interests: "I enjoy performing with a local symphony from time to time. I like to sew, read, play on the computer, that sort of thing. I also am a belly dancer. I like anything related to music!"

Spiritual, philosophical, religious affiliation: "I used to dabble in Wicca, but it wasn't for me. I prefer ceremonial magick. Definitely not Christian! Have you ever heard of the secret cult of Bill the Cat?"

Goals, dreams: "My goals and dreams change all the time, so I try to make it from day to day. I'm still trying to move out of this void that we call Utah."

Do you consider yourself gothic?: "I don't really identify with the term 'gothic'. I've been doing what I do for so long, it doesn't matter what you call it. If someone else wants to call me that, I don't care."

8/11/97 last updated 11/18/99