A Study of Gothic Subculture

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Updated 3-12-2009
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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BIG PICTURE. This is a shot of Jodi on my front porch.

City of Residence: Seattle, WA (formerly Salt Lake City, UT)

Age: 22

Length of time "in the scene": 9 years

Occupation: Marketing Associate at Amazon.com

Education: Graduated from Central High School in 1997.

Musical taste: "Siouxsie and the Banshees, Skinny Puppy, Morrissey, Corpus Delecti, Goth, Industrial, some techno, Darkwave." Cure, Bauhaus, Concrete Blond, Current 93, Diamanda Galas.

Distinctions in appearance: "I have my left upper arm sleeved with different Egyptian goodies, right leg is a large Egyptian ankh piece, typical goth attire." Her typical Goth attire includes corsets, vinyl, velvet, skulls, spider webs and anything shiny, buckly, and pointy.

Hobbies, activities, interests: "Music, sewing, dancing, watching 'The Simpsons,' reading comics." She likes to collect and listen to music. She sews corsets as well as her own fashion creations. She taught herself to sew, and she's sold some of her corsets on consignment at a local clothing shop, Galaxina (now gone). Now she sells her designs online at Catastrophe Clothing. She likes clubbing, boogying down and disco-skating. She played the flute for 3 years. She likes the comic books of Jhonen Vasquez (JTHM and Squee) and Neil Gaiman (Sandman), as well as fetish and rock and roll comics.

Spiritual, philosophical, religious affiliation: "None." She stated that some of her guiding rules in life are: Be as weird as you want; Be nice to people; Don't be ignorant; As long as you're happy and don't hurt people, everything is A-OK.

Goals, dreams: "To be happy and rich!" She said being in love would give her happiness. Professionally, she'd like to own a fashion company or retail shop and sell corsets. She'd also like to travel the world.

Do you consider yourself gothic?: "Sometimes. I guess in my appearance I look gothic. My attitude isn't the typical Doom & Gloom stereotype." She considers herself a pretty silly, loopy type of person. She doesn't fit the vampiric, satanic, angry or angst-filled gothic stereotype. She does like creepy, weird, spooky things such as horror films. She thinks the gothic Victorian style is pretty. She also enjoys the music and the dark beauty. It's a sense of beauty that prefers dark hair and pale skin over blonde hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin.

"Meow, I are a cat."

5/27/97 last updated 8/18/99