A Study of Gothic Subculture

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Updated 3-12-2009
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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BIG PICTURE. This picture is from his website.

City of residence: Logan, UT

Age: 21

Length of time in the scene: 5 years

Occupation: Student

Education: "Graduated from Bear River High School with Academic commendations. Moved to San Francisco for one year to attend college there at the College of San Mateo, then moved back here to Utah to go to Utah State University which is where I've been ever since." He's actually majoring in Business and Marketing with a minor in philosophy.

Musical taste: "Very standard tastes, I love Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, London after Midnight, Sisters of Mercy, This Ascension, Bolshoi. Then throw in some 80's stuff -- Duran Duran, Stray Cats, Berlin. Add a dash of Tom Waits, The Jazz Butcher, Dead Can Dance, classical. Hell, I even like Portishead. I hate Marylin Manson's music, but I do respect some of his views. Nine Inch Nails, what a joke. Trent's first album had some honesty to it and I liked it for that. Since then, he has progressively become more silly and self involved than I can stand."

Distinctions in appearance: "Extreme blonde A-line, Victorian dress style when ever possible. It makes life more interesting. I do have an ear piercing for every birthday I've had since I turned 18."

Hobbies, activities, interests: "Reading, Writing, Arithmetic.... oh whoops, strike that last one. Playing with my computer, drinking in the cemetery at 2 am. Talking Philosophy, trying to convert people to the Church of Three, spending time with my fiancé, playing Goth Counselor to whoever needs it, dreaming of the day that I reach the point in my life where I could rub my success in the noses of those who doubted me."

Spiritual, philosophical, religious affiliation: "I am the Dark Pope of Logan, and the Patron Saint of Three in the Church of Three. I used to be LDS, or was that LSD(?), but the overwhelming amount of hypocrisy disgusted me, so I became agnostic until the Reverend Galen Mould. Three is the answer to everything, people may doubt me but they are merely forgetting to embrace their Slack. I'll stop preaching now." Actually, the Church of Three is an official church with about 1000 members. He described it to me like this: James (the Reverend Galen Mould) and Eric had been awake for 33 hours, it was 3:33 AM and they had a good amount of sugar and alcohol in their system. They were watching Mr. Rogers on PBS when the revelation came to them (a man who became a hero to the Church of Three because his utter simplicity is almost Taoist. If he wants to change his sweater, he does. If he wants to go to the land of make believe, he does.) Assume that there are a set of facts in the universe that could be considered true. Lump these all together and give them a name, any name. The name they gave it was three. To Sable three is also important because if you are at peace with the universe, you are at peace in mind body and spirit. The concept of Slack is borrowed from the Church of the Subgenius which the Church of Three has much in common with.

Goals, dreams: "Finish college, start a successful business, show up at my high school reunion in a limo, wearing a full club get up, walk in, state to everyone that even though I may wear make up or what they might consider to be effeminate clothes, I am not homosexual, then introduced my wife to everyone. Then I'll leave them with that thought and go home with my wife. I would love to have a family, I'm afraid that my children will turn out to be normal though." He's interested in opening a small business, a one-stop goth shop on the web. He plans to gather people who create custom outfits, corsets etc. and offer their merchandise in an online catalog. He wants to put out quality unique Goth clothing at a decent price.

Do you consider yourself gothic?: "Am I a Goth? Yes, if you are asking whether I understand and share the somber, morbid mood that permeates the literature of Byron, Shelly and Poe. Yes, if you are asking if I wear black everyday and avoid the sun like a plague. Yes, if you are asking if my parents worried about me throughout my entire teenagehood and still worry about me now because I do not fit the mold into which they tried to shape me. Yes, if you are asking me if I would rather sit in the corner of a coffee shop, smoking a clove and reading a book rather than going to a football game or a frat party. I do consider myself gothic by my own standards. It is an understanding and appreciation for the beauty of the night. Moonlight brings out things that you would never be able to appreciate under sunlight. Being Goth almost seems like group introversion. We are all withdrawn and self absorbed but yet we are so gossipy and talkative amongst one another."

9/4/97 updated 10/4/97